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After launching last year in January, Fabrik's coming through the other side of the bear market with some real positive momentum. New core team, new vision and initiatives, same founder. Fabrik is undergoing a reboot of its entire ecosystem with a mission to connect people worldwide through art, fashion, and storytelling and become a leading platform for creativity, collaboration, and education in the web3 space.

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■  core team
Thomas ︎︎︎   founder
Ben ︎︎︎      strategy

Charlie ︎︎︎  numbers
George ︎︎︎   community
Red ︎︎︎      developer
Moe ︎︎︎      Brand Curator

■  community team
Pug ︎︎︎            Community Dev Lead
BluEyes ︎︎︎        Community Dev Rep

Vera ︎︎︎           Community Dev Rep
Bobby ︎︎︎          Mod
Dug ︎︎︎            M0d
FullMetalBruh ︎︎︎  mod

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