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Subcollections by Fabrik.

At Fabrik, we believe in the power of art, fashion, and storytelling to create meaningful connections in our community. This belief was first brought to life through our HAUS, NIWA, and MURI initiatives.


Capies by Fabrik         ︎︎︎ OPENSEA
Hauspets by Fabrik       ︎︎︎ OPENSEA
Harucity by Fabrik       ︎︎︎ OPENSEA
MFFVD by Fabrik          ︎︎︎ OPENSEA
Algorithms by Fabrik     ︎︎︎ OPENSEA
Flowerfriends by Fabrik  ︎︎︎ OPENSEA
CChecks by Fabrik        ︎︎︎ OPENSEA

Artifacts by Fabrik      ︎︎︎ OPENSEA

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